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(ˈklaʊ nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. clownish behavior.
2. an instance of this.
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And this the 47-year-old, with the comedic mime skills of Mr Bean, achieved with aplomb, deploying his grounding at circus school with a series of sleight-of-hand manoeuvres, eye-catching clownery and theatrical prop use, as he played out the much-loved story.
United fans could not have been more grateful for his latest batch of footballing clownery.
Passion Cirque" features acrobatics, animal acts, clownery and comedy.
Remember, no small screen actor is safe from this brilliantly funny, pie-in-the face clownery that appeals to adults and children alike.
Executive produced by Cho, Lorene Machado and Keri Smith Esguia; produced by Clownery Productions, Inc.
Yelizariev has attempted to stage the Dionysian and erotic, but ended up creating scenes that verge towards the clownery and pantomime.
In The Adventures of Augie March, Bellow's protagonist declares his faith in what he refers to as "the axial lines of life, with respect to which you must be straight or else your existence is merely clownery.
This year (it) is guaranteed to be 75 percent more entertaining, (have) 50 percent more clownery, (have) 85 percent more sideshow and (be) 115 percent more spectacular.
John Cleese is a peerless comic performer with a tremendous talent for physical clownery.
It sounds banal, but in Tommy's hands it was classic clownery.
My secret imagination grew in the direction of clownery and fairy tale.