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 (klo͞o′nē, klo͞o-nē′, klü-)
A town of east-central France north-northwest of Lyon. Its abbey, the center of an influential religious order, was founded in 910.


(ˈkluːnɪ; French klyni)
(Placename) a town in E central France: reformed Benedictine order founded here in 910; important religious and cultural centre in the Middle Ages. Pop: 4835 (2006)


(ˈklu ni; Fr. klüˈni)

a town in E France, N of Lyons: ruins of a Benedictine abbey. 4335.
References in classic literature ?
Now Cluny Macpherson, the chief of the clan Vourich, had been one of the leaders of the great rebellion six years before; there was a price on his life; and I had supposed him long ago in France, with the rest of the heads of that desperate party.
That was all the rest I had, until the messenger returned; when, as it appeared that Cluny would be glad to receive us, we must get once more upon our feet and set forward.
The house of Nevers, the house of Rome, the house of Reims, which have disappeared; the Hôtel de Cluny, which still exists, for the consolation of the artist, and whose tower was so stupidly deprived of its crown a few years ago.
Contract notice: 18s0002 - ch de cluny - rue des ravattes - restructuring of premises for the home of multidisciplinary health
Steven Hewitt pushed a man and slapped a woman during a confrontation near the Cluny pub, in Ouseburn, one night in November last year.
Prior to the completion of the transaction, Cluny will complete a consolidation of its issued and outstanding common shares on a three for one basis.
PartyLite launched its collaboration with the Spanish exclusive distributor Marcel Cluny (MCY Cosmetics SLL Technology and Distribution) with a product training session in Bilbao in November.
Federal Charm, Cluny 2 If you haven't yet experienced a gig at The Cluny it has to be on your 'to do' list.
Mouses were up the top end at The Tanners, next to Byker Bridge and Henry Carden's gang, International Departures were down in Cluny 2.
Fever is shocked to discover that another young woman, a nomad named Cluny Morvish, may also carry Godshawk's memories, although Cluny's people believe them to be divinely bestowed visions.
Built on a hill near Chief Crowfoot's burial site, Blackfoot Crossing overlooks an 800 hectare historical park marking not only an important First Nations Bow River crossing but also the Cluny Earth Lodge Village, a settlement dating back to 1740-42 and archaeological dig site of the University of Calgary's archaeology department.
Adam Cluny, of Meltham Road in Lockwood, admitted the assault on Sarah Gilks when he appeared before Kirklees magistrates.