clutch hitter

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n.1.(Baseball) a batter who hits safely more frequently when men are on base or the team is behind in the score.
Clutching at the phantoms of the stock market.
- Bankroft.
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In the past, we've been able to rely on the back end of our pen and clutch hitting, but we didn't do that, and it's not like we were down by five or 10 runs.
More than 30 years later, Cramer and Palmer teamed up for yet another study of clutch hitting, this time using oodles more data and different methods.
Pitching, defense and clutch hitting,'' Leominster High coach Rich Barnaby reeled off without hesitation.
Rodriguez, set to make $28 million next season, faced the wrath of Yankee fans last season for his failed clutch hitting and posting the second lowest OPS of his career.
However, while the Warriors displayed their power, it was the Musketeers' brand of clutch hitting and keen baserunning that put them over the top.
Katsuaki Furuki, Seiichi Uchikawa and Yuki Yoshimura drove in a total of seven runs between them with some clutch hitting in a come-from-behind rout of Hiroshima.
That stands to reason, but clutch hitting is not a reasonable occurrence.
Sabermetricians have been arguing about the reality of clutch hitting for quite some time now (see, for example, the special section of the 2008 issue of the Baseball Research Journal).
Needing a miracle run over the final 12 games of the season, Oregon took one small step in that direction Friday night, getting seven strong innings from Anderson and some uncharacteristically clutch hitting to beat Stanford 6-2 in the opener of its Pac-10 baseball series at PK Park.
With DePompa leading from the dugout, the Falcons (18-0, 6-0) demonstrated their depth and versatility, overcoming an early deficit by relying on timely defensive plays from Erin Ashby, Emily Heinemann and Boise State-bound first baseman Ashleigh Viers-Gordillo, clutch hitting from Kali Cancelosi and strong pitching from Heather Bacon (8-0).
A solo homer by Kenji Yano helped Yomiuri take a 2-0 lead after four innings but a wild pitch by Tetsuya Utsumi cut the lead to one run and Tamura followed with his clutch hitting at Tokyo Dome.