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also Cly·taem·nes·tra  (klī′təm-nĕs′trə)
n. Greek Mythology
The wife of Agamemnon who, with the assistance of her lover Aegisthus, murdered him on his return from the Trojan War and was later murdered by her son Orestes.


(ˌklaɪtɪmˈnɛstrə) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the wife of Agamemnon, whom she killed on his return from the Trojan War


(ˌklaɪ təmˈnɛs trə)

the wife of Agamemnon, who killed her husband and was herself killed by her son Orestes.
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Noun1.Clytemnestra - (Greek mythology) wife of Agamemnon who had him murdered when he returned from the Trojan WarClytemnestra - (Greek mythology) wife of Agamemnon who had him murdered when he returned from the Trojan War
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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He may not indeed destroy the framework of the received legends--the fact, for instance, that Clytemnestra was slain by Orestes and Eriphyle by Alcmaeon but he ought to show invention of his own, and skilfully handle the traditional material.
If Menelaus when he got back from Troy had found Aegisthus still alive in his house, there would have been no barrow heaped up for him, not even when he was dead, but he would have been thrown outside the city to dogs and vultures, and not a woman would have mourned him, for he had done a deed of great wickedness; but we were over there, fighting hard at Troy, and Aegisthus, who was taking his ease quietly in the heart of Argos, cajoled Agamemnon's wife Clytemnestra with incessant flattery.
I have set my heart on keeping her in my own house, for I love her better even than my own wife Clytemnestra, whose peer she is alike in form and feature, in understanding and accomplishments.
Clytemnestra glides swiftly into the room like an apparition--her arms are bare and white--her tawny hair floats down her shoulders--her face is deadly pale--and her eyes are lighted up with a smile so ghastly that people quake as they look at her.
In her dance Clytemnestra, the ancient Greek tragedy, she first used the robe as a hunting net.
But his wife, Clytemnestra, while feigning joy at his home-coming, is plotting bloody revenge.
While Clytemnestra and Aegisthus each call the retributive murder of Agamemnon a form of dike, the Chorus has a more objective and theological perspective on the nature of justice.
Last season, for example, Berkeley Rep coproduced a Japan-originated Clytemnestra with UC Berkeley's Cal Performances, reflecting Ott's spirit of internationalism.
Take Eilber's current undertaking: to cut Graham's 1958 two-act masterpiece Clytemnestra down to one hour.
Although Gluck never intended the operas to be performed in sequence, the idea of doing so is defensible since the stories are related (based on tragedies by Euripides, both deal with painful and cruel sacrifice) and feature the same title character from Greek mythology--daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, sister of Orestes and Elektra.
AS AN actor, Matthew Bulgo has carved out a successful career on the stage in classics such as Under Milk Wood and A Christmas Carol as well as contemporary pieces like Gwyneth Lewis' Clytemnestra.