Cnemidophorus tigris

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Noun1.Cnemidophorus tigris - active lizard having a network of dusky dark markingsCnemidophorus tigris - active lizard having a network of dusky dark markings; of semiarid areas from Oregon and Idaho to Baja California
whiptail, whiptail lizard - any of numerous very agile and alert New World lizards
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Composicion de dieta de Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus (Sauria: Teiidae) en dunas del centro del Desierto Chihuahuense.
Cnemidophorus tigris occurs on six islands along the Pacific coast of Baja California (Grismer 1993; Grismer and Hollingsworth 1996).
Comparative autoecology of the lizard Cnemidophorus tigris in different parts of its geographic range.
Forty-eight western marbled whiptails, Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus from Presidio and Terrell counties, Texas, USA, were collected and examined for helminth parasites.
Foraging behavior of Uta stansburiana and Cnemidophorus tigris in two different habitats.
Energetics of the lizard, Cnemidophorus tigris and life history consequences of food-acquisition mode.
Foraging behavior, energetics of reproduction, and sexual selection in a widely foraging lizard, Cnemidophorus tigris.
For example, Anderson & Vitt (1990) noted that male Cnemidophorus tigris often face-off head to tail when they compete for females and Censky (1995) reported that male Ameiva plei sometimes perform an "arched dance display" as part of their aggressive interactions during the breeding season.
Analysis of hybridization between two subspecies of the desert whiptail, Cnemidophorus tigris.