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A radioactive isotope of cobalt with mass number 60 and exceptionally intense gamma-ray activity, used in radiotherapy, metallurgy, and materials testing.
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The Trabzon Governor's Office says there is no record showing that the Cs-137 equipment was ever given to the hospital, although there is a record of the Co-60 device.
In the article concerning biological effects of ionizing radiation, (2) the expected mortality in Co-60 contaminated apartments in Taiwan was 116 per 100,000 person-years, not 116 per 1,000 person-years as stated on p 46.
Bq/g of Co-60 was applied at zero water potential to one end of the column.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Disk Source Of Co-60
The subject of procurement is the exchange of ionizing radiation sources - sealed radionuclide source Co-60 (hereinafter "URZ") - the therapeutic cobalt irradiator type Teragam 01 by exchanging the entire irradiation head.
Providing a non-isotopic alternative to the Co-60 teletherapy units supports NNSA s comprehensive global campaign to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear and radiological material.
The subject of the contract is the exchange of sources of ionizing radiation - sealed radionuclide source Co-60 (hereinafter referred to as sealed sources) - in the therapeutic cobalt irradiator type TERAGAM 01 in the form of replacing the entire irradiation head.