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tr.v. co·signed, co·sign·ing, co·signs
1. To sign (a document) jointly.
2. To endorse (another's signature), as for a loan.

co·sign′er n.


(Law) a cosignatory


(ˈkoʊˌsaɪ nər, koʊˈsaɪ-)

1. a cosignatory.
2. a joint signer of a negotiable instrument, esp. a promissory note.
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Noun1.cosigner - one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)
signatory, signer - someone who signs and is bound by a document
2.cosigner - a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety)
signatory, signer - someone who signs and is bound by a document
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The facility is intended to allow parents and co-signers to save money by refinancing loans taken out for their children's education.
Lace and his co-signers, writing as politicians and lobbyists opposing state legislation to allow psychologists to prescribe drugs, present themselves as those who embrace half-stories - a tactic frequented by politicians and the right-wing and left-wing media.
Co-signers complain about misallocation of payments to loans owed solely by the student borrower - loans that have no co-signers.
Credit reporting and authentication services for new and existing student loan customers and Co-signers, including but not limited to the following:
Co-signers of the letter included the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.
He noted in particular the security deposit waiver program offered by HMS National, AON's Rent Protect program, Co-Signers rent guarantee program and Neighborhood Pay Services' rent assurance program.
7 June 2013 -- UK-based financial services firm RBS' (NYSE: RBS) US-based RBS Citizens Financial Group holding said it has launched a new TruFit Student Loan Annual Summary to student loan borrowers and their parents or co-signers to help them effectively manage their student loans and be well prepared for life after graduation.
Between one-third and two-fifths do not know that the credit scores of co-signers of a student loan are affected by that loan, improving if payments are made on time (38 percent) and declining with one late payment (31 percent).
The essays familiarize readers with the issues and stakes that are addressed in the manifesto, which is presented in the end as an appendix with hundreds of co-signers.
Mullen was one of the original co-signers of the Ku Klux Klan Charter granted by Brownlee's government in 1932 and became the Minister of Agriculture in 1937.
The co-signers proposed modifications requiring employees to first use internal reporting systems, and then give companies a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue, before contacting the SEC.