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n.1.(Anat.) The union or articulation of bones to form a joint.
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At the same time, weak vowels yield their features to the vowels of stressed syllables due to anticipatory co-articulation and stress, as Moskel calls this behavior "causing temporal shifts of V2 into V1".
Linguists ofen employ the umbrella term "accommodation" to include assimilation, dissimilation, co-articulation, and other forms of articulation change stemming from environmental conditions.
Moreover the results obtained will be exploited later in a general model of co-articulation simulating the vowel-consonant-vowel sequences.
There are also language and accent considerations, co-articulation (the slurring of words together when users enunciate them consecutively and rapidly), and very specific industry terms that have to be recognized.
TalkBack's output is very realistic because LIPSinc's co-articulation functionality provides for smooth transitions between phonemes and eliminates the appearance of stuttering often associated with lip-synched animations.