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n.1.See Coak, a kind of tenon.
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The Howard government's (1996-2007) lack of attention to COAG reduced its salience (Galligan and Wright 2002, Parkin and Anderson 2007), but its rebirth under the Rudd-Gillard administration attracted renewed scholarship (Anderson 2010, McQuestin 2012), which included critiques of its effectiveness as an institution (Kildea and Lynch 2011, Menzies 2013).
The 10 February 2006 COAG meeting (two days after Heckman's address at the NIFTEY conference) witnessed full Howard Government and COAG support for the NRA (COAG, 2006b) and initial indications that the early years would play a significant part in the human capital agenda, with parties agreeing 'to give priority to improving early childhood development outcomes as part of a collaborative national approach' (COAG, 2006a, p.
Why did EU-PACT and COAG generate different conclusions?
COAG, IATA or any other association cannot dictate service standards or the time it takes to complete certain functions, but they have the right to question.
While this is reasonable in the context of streamlining elective surgery, for example cataract, for chronic disease management, such as COAG, it may be detrimental to patient care and potentially harmful to patients.
We will not stand idly by while the EU abandons Spanish fruit and vegetable farmers to their fate while allowing the uncontrolled entry of Moroccan produce grown at starvation wages," COAG spokesman Andres Gongora said.
In April of this year, the Taskforce presented its draft legislation to COAG (National Law), together with an impact statement and a consultation report calling for submissions on the proposed reforms.
The role of COAG is to initiate, develop and monitor the implementation of national policy reforms and which require co-operative action by Australian governments eg National Competition Policy, water reform, reform of Commonwealth and State/Territory roles in environmental regulation, the use of human embryos in medical research, counter-terrorism arrangements and restrictions on handguns etc.
In response to this proposal, COAG agreed to extend AusLink's corridor strategies to include relevant capital city and associated regional ports on the AusLink National Network.
Plans for a national infrastructure audit were welcome and the BCA said that given its importance, such an audit needed to be undertaken within the next six months and completed under the auspices of COAG.
Nueve familias: 1 con JOAG, 1 con PCG y 7 con COAG se estudiaron en busca de mutaciones en los genes conocidos.
While an Australian Taxation Office determination on this issue has been deferred for six months--given COAG may consider the issue as part of its energy policy review -this deferment threatens to be no more than a stay of execution.