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a.1.Pertaining to, or resembling, coal; containing coal; of the nature of coal.
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At least, Mr John Rokesmith was on the pier looking out, about a couple of hours before the coaly (but to him gold-dusty) little steamboat got her steam up in London.
Calling these things to mind, and ranging Mr Pancks in a row with them, Arthur Clennam leaned this day to the opinion, without quite deciding on it, that the last of the Patriarchs was the drifting Booby aforesaid, with the one idea of keeping the bald part of his head highly polished: and that, much as an unwieldy ship in the Thames river may sometimes be seen heavily driving with the tide, broadside on, stern first, in its own way and in the way of everything else, though making a great show of navigation, when all of a sudden, a little coaly steam-tug will bear down upon it, take it in tow, and bustle off with it; similarly the cumbrous Patriarch had been taken in tow by the snorting Pancks, and was now following in the wake of that dingy little craft.
Nearer, I distin- guished the green slime of ditches mixing with the pale drab of dried clay and shiny, coaly patches.
A relatively small percentage of kerogen type II (sporinite, liptodetrinite) was observed, while coaly kerogen was very sparse (< 4 vol%).
Official sources on Sunday said the study would cover goals which includes conducting a mining lease based available coal and/or coaly shales/high carbonaceous shales resource estimation and verify coal mines survey data through review of existing data and conducting fresh survey of coal mines in Salt Range and Surghar (Trans-Indus) Range.
Punjab has 600 million tonnes of Bituminous coal and abundance coaly shale for power generation in addition to having 1,000 MT of iron ore deposits suitable for steel making.
Visitors will also see John Hodgson Campbell's Under the Coaly Tyne, distinguished by being the only underground mining scene not created for Parliament or the press, and Race Course at Durham, a wonderfully impressionistic view by an unknown artists dated 1887.
Aside from the coaly shale of the Cabagan Formation, geological mapping has proved the existence of a source rock below the Sicalao Limestone.
Rough pit-boys from the coaly South, They sang, even in the cannon's mouth; Like Sunday's chapel, Monday's inn, The death-trap sounded with their din.
Source rocks are coaly and organic-rich claystones of Eocene to Middle Miocene.
2003 Coaly source rocks of NW Borneo: role of suberinite and bituminite in oil generation and expulsion.