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n.1.(Anat.) The union or articulation of bones to form a joint.
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When one learns to sing in a new language, not only must one learn all the phonetic elements of that language, one must also learn its phonological features, and understand that they constitute a fundamental component of the grammar of that language: "Just as they need to learn the phonological system, language learners need to learn the appropriate patterns of language-specific coarticulation.
For fluent speakers, prolongation occurred only in the last phoneme of the final syllable of words, similarly to common disfluencies, taking role of a hesitation and, used as a strategy to facilitate coarticulation between words [21].
From Coarticulation to Articulation between the Discursive and the Social
As shown in Table 3, the recognition rate of single gesture shows good performance despite coarticulation with the others.
Woolf, like a good Latourian anthropologist, gives us individuals, institutions, objects, and ideologies in the process of formation, in active coarticulation, so that we are not sure where Jacob's misogyny (for example) begins and the King's College Chapel at Cambridge ends.
He further demonstrates that the process of palatalization of alveolars and consonants with palatal coarticulation is virtually 100% productive in Hausa.
In contrast, in casual speech in Peninsular Spanish as well as in some contemporary American Spanish dialects, these two authors report coarticulation of complex onset clusters; that is, /Cr/ clusters are heavily overlapped and such coarticulation results in friction of the rhotic (the intervening vowel disappears).
This can be explained by coarticulation effect, many-to-one relationship between phoneme and its configuration of lips, dependence on speaker and camera settings.
In can't, by contrast, the [n] is strongly attenuated by coarticulation with the [t]; accordingly, a strong nasal quality is perceived reverberating in the preceding vowel.
Likewise, I will address the control mechanisms underlying the coordination of different parts of the oral cavity, as well as the phenomenon of coarticulation.
It was also assumed that coarticulation effects are straightforward and can be easily learned by a machine as well.