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Noun1.Coast Range - a string of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America from southeastern Alaska to Lower CaliforniaCoast Range - a string of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America from southeastern Alaska to Lower California
Cascade Mountains, Cascade Range, Cascades - a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California; a part of the Coast Range
Mount Hubbard, Hubbard - a mountain peak in southeastern Alaska that is part of the Coast Range (14,950 feet high)
North America - a continent (the third largest) in the western hemisphere connected to South America by the Isthmus of Panama
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OOEPC has other blocks in Oman, including the 5,600 sq km oil Block 42 in the north-eastern coastal range immediately to the south of its tight-gas tract.
The Danongdafu Forest Park is located in Guangfu Township, Hualien County, lying in the East Rift Valley between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Range.
It uses grapes that are sourced from vineyards separated from the Pacific Coast by the coastal range, providing the ideal climate for that essential ripeness.
Marten resting structures in the coastal range included live trees and snags with cavities averaging >90 cm (35") diameter at breast height (Slauson and Zielinski 2009) and large logs.
It was a land of extremes, even the scarce availability of water was offset by the rare but ferocious floods that drained the jagged peaks of Central Makran Range and the Coastal Range and came gushing down like a torrent to vanish in the Arabian Sea.
And the view: To the east, the Three Sisters, Mount Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and to the west, a full-to-the-brim Fern Ridge Lake and the Coastal Range beyond it, even Marys Peak visible in the distance to the northwest.
Anzali Free Zone includes range area of Anzali city with approximately 3,200 hectares of land and waters to a depth of two kilometers from the coastal range.
Keith Larrabee's farm sits on 4,000 acres of California's Sacramento Valley, between a coastal range of mountains to the west and the tall Sierra Nevadas to the east.
The company's second asset, Block 42, covers an area of 25,600 sq kms approximately and comprises mainly the northeast coastal range of the Oman Mountains and the basin immediately to their south (under Ramlat Sharqiya).
The cold Pacific air normally dams against the western side of the Coastal Range, bringing frequent IMC due to stratus and fog at seaside airfields like Astoria and Newport.
Coastal range and movements of common bottlenose dolphins off California and Baja California, Mexico.
The Marine Plan was prepared to help achieve the objectives set by the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, and redirect sustainable development initiatives and public and private investment towards the marine and coastal range of Abu Dhabi, while working to harness the opportunities provided by the sheltered waters and diverse ecosystems in the Emirate in recreational activities and encourage eco-tourism.

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