Coasting trade

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trade carried on by water between neighboring ports of the same country, as distinguished from foreign trade or trade involving long voyages.

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The company's vessels operate under the US Jones Act which reserves domestic waterborne commerce to vessels that are US owned, built and crewed and the Canada Coasting Trade Act which reserves domestic waterborne commerce to Canadian registered and crewed vessels that operate between Canadian ports.
Vessels of this sort, made of local oak, had long been employed in the coasting trade that linked together the ports of south-west England and South Wales.
Its location in shallow waters, suggest that either the vessel was nearing an intended port-of-call, or else was engaged in a coasting trade, moving products to market over short distances up and down the coast," said a press release from the Department of Antiquities.
As the country becomes more settled, particularly in the neighbourhood of the McLeay and Clarence rivers, the coasting trade will become more important and will be looked upon as one of the most useful branches of colonial commerce.