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 (kŏb′ĭt), William 1763?-1835.
British journalist and social reformer noted for his Rural Rides (1830), a collection of essays showing the deterioration of rural life brought about by the Industrial Revolution.


(Biography) William. 1763–1835, English journalist and social reformer; founded The Political Register (1802); author of Rural Rides (1830)


(ˈkɒb ɪt)

William ( “Peter Porcupine” ), 1763–1835, English political essayist and journalist.
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I agree with the late William Cobbett about picking a wife.
With the cheque are, from left: Leanne Taylor O'Brian, Samantha Taylor O'Brian, Gabrielle Butler, Dee Cobbett, Doreen Taylor and Renee Eady
Unlike Cobbett, Hatherley rarely observes the human conditions he speaks of: evidence for what people actually do is provided by the places they live in.
Inspector Ainsley-Jayne Cobbett from the force, said: "Darren is humble, honest and clearly an inspiration.
23 COBBETT, supra note 1, at 139-44 (reproducing remarks by the Earl of Shelburne in the Lords, July 3, 1782); PARLIAMENTARY REGISTER, supra note 1, Fifteenth Parliament, Second Session, at 347 July 3, 1782) (reproducing remarks by the Duke of Richmond); but see id.
Playing on the shared roots of "conservation" and "conservatism," Castellano argues that writers ranging from William Wordsworth to William Cobbett affiliated themselves with this mode of Romantic conservatism in texts that opposed universalizing scientific, political, and financial systems' erosion of place and custom.
1763: William Cobbett, political journalist and author of Rural Rides, was born in Farnham, Surrey.
Daniel Cobbett, who is moving to Woodlands from Pattison College, is looking forward to science, maths, history and sports.
VT Systems), today announced that UK-based independent teleport operator Cobbett Hill Earth Station is upgrading the network of its maritime services unit, ION (International Ocean Services) to the iDirect Evolution 3.
Increasingly I feel that we don't need a high-speed rail link to suck yet more life out of the provinces into the maw of what William Cobbett presciently called The Great Wen.
IN the early 1830s the elderly William Cobbett visited the North East.
William Cobbett, who saw it in 1823, thought it 'the most singular looking thing I ever saw.