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adj. cob·bi·er, cob·bi·est
Having short legs and a compact body; stocky. Used of animals.

[From cob.]


adj, -bier or -biest
1. stocky
2. obstinate
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Steve Cobby and Russ Litten were asked to perform at our Hull rally - and wrote a tune especially for Jeremy Corbyn, For The Many.
She in turn was replaced by actor Brian Cobby in 1985.
We kept losing wickets throughout and me, Cobby and Wakers all got ourselves in but didn't go on.
He will join Steve Cobby and friends serving up an eclectic mix of music genres at 24 Kitchen St.
Allan has just finished following Dave Ellis and his horse Cobby Lad on their 10 day horse drive and living of the land, to raise money for charity.
Grieving husband Dave Ellis has forsaken all modern life to live in a gipsy caravan, eat foraged food and wash in streams with his horse Cobby Lad.
Ali Cobby Eckerman is a different kind of island poet.
Jock Lee will DJ alongside the likes of Young Warrior, Steve Cobby, Funk D'Void, Jah Hamma Sound System and Cheshire Cat.
xxxxx WILSON JOYCE Dear friend of Joan, Charlie, Debbie, Paul, Lauren, Matthew and the late Cobby family.
Down on the Cobby path the summer nettles swallow trolleys whole.
Vendor: John Celaschi, Liopleurodon Capital Limited, Surinder Rajput, Nigel Cobby, Heritable Limited, Ashcourt Rowan Asset Management Ltd, Schroder Investment Management Ltd
Dubai Astronomy Group spokesman Keith Cobby said the shower could last up to several days, depending on how widely dispersed the meteor trail is.