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n. pl. coc·cid·i·a (-ē-ə)
Any of various parasitic apicomplexan protozoans that cause diseases such as toxoplasmosis in the digestive tract of vertebrates. Also called coccidian.

[New Latin Coccidium, former genus name : coccus + -idium, diminutive suff. (from Greek -idion).]
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Noun1.Coccidia - an order in the subclass Telosporidia
animal order - the order of animals
subclass Telosporidia, Telosporidia - parasitic sporozoans that form spores containing one or more infective sporozoites
Eimeriidae, family Eimeriidae - a family of protoctist in the order Coccidia
coccidium, eimeria - parasitic on the digestive epithelium of vertebrates and higher invertebrates
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que es de los coccidios asociados a diarrea, el que ha sido mas estudiado, es un parasito intracelular del phylum Apicomplexa, clase Sporozoasida, subclase Coccidiasina, orden Eucoccidiida, suborden Eimeriina y familia y clasificada como emergente por los CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) de los Estados Unidos.
parvum is an obligate intracellular parasite that is a member of the class Conoidasida in the subclass Coccidiasina, which are commonly referred to as coccidia.
Cyclospora cayetanensis is a protozoan parasite (subphylum Apicomplexa, subclass Coccidiasina, order Eucoccidiorida, family Eimeriidae).