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 (kō′chə-bäm′bə, -chä-bäm′bä)
A city of west-central Bolivia north-northwest of Sucre. Founded in 1574 as Oropesa, it was renamed in 1786.


(Spanish kotʃaˈβamba)
(Placename) a city in central Bolivia. Pop: 561 000 (2005 est)


(ˌkɔ tʃɑˈbɑm bɑ)

a city in central Bolivia. 317,251; 8394 ft. (2558 m) above sea level.
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The Inter-American Development Bank loan is expected to benefit 5,477 households in the management and sustainable use of natural capital in the most vulnerable areas of the Rocha and Alpacoma river basins, in the departments of Cochabamba and La Paz.
Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health in the development of the Program for the Accelerated Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality, with a focus on the Departments of La Paz, Potos, Cochabamba, Oruro and Beni, which have the highest mortality rates in the country.
It's the start of a day in the central city of Cochabamba that will take him to several new projects around the country that bear his stamp.
One Franciscan monastery In Cochabamba, Bolivia has embraced St.
Pongo era un tributario de la encomienda de Tapacari, mientras que Poma era el alcalde de la reduccion de Sipesipe en la encomienda del mismo nombre, ambas ubicadas cerca de la ciudad espanola de Cochabamba y en contacto cercano con el centro minero de Potosi.
Through this partnership, the automaker has introduced three commercial vehicles in the Bolivian market, the Tata SuperAce Petrol, Tata Xenon Petrol and Tata LPT 613 truck, all of which will be presently available in Santa Cruz and will soon be available in La Paz and Cochabamba.
Morales broke ligaments in his left knee during a weekend soccer game and underwent surgery Wednesday at a private clinic in Cochabamba.
El GDF deberia aprender de la experiencia historica del Caso Boliviano: En 1997 el BM ofrecio al gobierno de ese pais "ayuda" para el desarrollo de sus sistemas de agua, con la condicion de que privatizara el servicio en sus dos ciudades mas grandes, La Paz y Cochabamba.
The announcement by Bolivia President Evo Morales that Bolivia would build a nuclear power plant is troubling news to those who attended the Climate Change and Protection of Mother Earth Conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 2010.
They will serve at Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz; J Wilstermann International Airport in Cochabamba, and El Alto International Airport in La Paz.
Ademas, los valles situados entre las regiones que comprenden a los departamentos de Cochabamba y Chuquisaca, presentan evidencias de ocupacion humana durante el periodo Arcaico, como tambien existen registros que sugieren la presencia de ocupacion humana en los valles interandinos y en las tierras bajas del Chaco del sureste boliviano desde el Holoceno temprano.
The A350 XWB development aircraft, MSN3, is in Bolivia where it will perform a series of tests at the high altitude airfields of Cochabamba and La Paz.