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 (kō-chēs′, -chēz′) Died 1874.
Chiricahua Apache leader who helped direct Apache resistance to US troops in the Southwest (1861-1872).


(kəʊˈtʃiːs; -ˈtʃiːz)
(Biography) died 1874, Apache Indian chief



c1815–74, a chief of the Apaches.
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Noun1.Cochise - Apache leader of the resistance to United States troops in Arizona (1812-1874)
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The contracts are with the Arizona Local Government Employee Benefit Trust (AZLGEBT), Rural Arizona Group Health Trust (RAGHT) and the Cochise Combined Trust.
0000 CH SVS SL68201C is located in Cochise County within the City of Sierra Vista on Buffalo Soldier Trail between 7th Street and Golf links Road, for an approximate distance of 1.
The property is located in Bisbee, Arizona, a community known for its rich mining history, tourism, and hosting the County Seat for Cochise County since 1929.
They were among 10 students enrolled at Cochise College's Douglas campus who recently participated in an alternative spring break program.
The winner, Nino Cochise, was backed at a high of 150 pre-race, as Art Trend and Mount Helicon hogged punters' money at the head of the market.
Sladen was aide-de-camp to General Oliver Otis Howard in the small party that entered the stronghold of legendary Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise in the foothills of Arizona's Dragoon Mountains; their purpose was to end the 12-year war between the tribe and the US government.
PHOENIX, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- UFCW Local 99 has endorsed Cochise County Supervisor Paul Newman in his run for the Arizona Corporation Commission.
James Sumner, one of 17 soldiers who survived a bloody ambush by Indian warrior Cochise, receiving the Medal of Honor for Gallantry in 1869.
Cody, the Civil War and the Alamo, Cochise and Sitting Bull--they are all here.
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