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The project will put in place measures to reduce the risk of the spread of exogenous pests and diseases such as Witches Broom (WB), Frosty Pod Rot (FP) - Moniliophthora roreri and Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) - Conopomorpha cramerella through capacity building and awareness-raising.
Unfortunately, despite its abundant quantity, so far cocoa pod has not been optimally utilized by farmers.
The polyphenolic content of the cocoa beans decreased as the duration of cocoa pod storage increased from 0 to 10 days.
Feet to JoEuo Jose picking cocoa pod from tree with stick
Cocoa pod husk (CPH)--a non-food part of cocoa fruit and is main waste material in cocoa industry [2,3,4].
Cocoa pod (Theoabroama cacoa) potential breeding habitat of Aedes albopictus in dengue-sensitive Kerala state, India.
Soil fertility in West Africa is low, while Indonesia suffers from the cocoa pod borer moth (Indonesia has higher yields than West Africa but also higher crop losses).
Larvae and pupae were extracted from pods with disinfected penknives and placed individually inside a section of a healthy mature cocoa pod.
This particular tradition is only about 50 years old and came about, legend has it, when a certain craftsman who built chairs for village chiefs was in the process of building an elaborate chair in the shape of a cocoa pod.
Sculptor Jo Naden, who has a piece at Park Central and is currently making one for Russell's Hall Hospital in Dudley, has created a bronze sculpture for the entrance hall in which a giant cocoa pod sits on a stand reminiscent of Aztec temples.
The paved area was designed to look like a cocoa pod in segments of recycled brown glass.
Garden paving will represent the shape of the cocoa pod from which cocoa is taken to make chocolate.