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Noun1.Cocopa - a member of a North American Indian people living around the mouth of the Colorado RiverCocopa - a member of a North American Indian people living around the mouth of the Colorado River
Hoka, Hokan - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages
2.Cocopa - the Yuman language spoken by the Cocopa
Yuman - a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and Mexico
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Desde tiempos de la llamada Cocopa historica, Jimmy --afectuosamente le Ilamabamos asi en ese grupo-- habia establecido firmes lazos de amistad con el lider zapatista.
No hubo, pues, ninguna reactivacion de la Cocopa por la sencilla razon de que el EZLN no tiene la menor intencion de regresar a la mesa de negociaciones.
Rutilio Escandon, who has been pushing to bring COCOPA back to the forefront, said the decision to reactivate the commission followed reports of violent clashes between residents of the municipality of Zinacatan and their neighbors in the autonomous community of Jecho.
Fox re-introduced the COCOPA provisions into Congress as one of his first acts in December, 2000.
NH: Could you therefore explain why you [the comandancial] have rejected the proposal of the COCOPA to meet with a committee made up of senators and congressmen from the two houses?
The possible concrete results of the COCOPA law are still unknown.
Meanwhile, EZLN leadership has begun peace negotiations, for which it designated Comandante German to act as its representative before the COCOPA envoy Luis H.
By early January, Fox had withdrawn troops from three of the seven points demanded by the Zapatistas, released 17 out of more than 100 prisoners sought by the Zapatistas and submitted the Cocopa bill to Congress.
As of March 1997, COCOPA has recognised that the Mexican executive will not accept the proposals of the Senate Committee and that it has effectively reneged on the San Andres accords.
El Congreso debate la propuesta de ley de la Cocopa que consagra los usos y costumbres de los pueblos indios.
In a nutshell, the Cocopa proposal provides limited recognition to the traditional forms of government found in many indigenous communities, grants decision-making power over resource use on indigenous lands, transfers the administration of local development, welfare and cultural programs to indigenous peoples and provides access for independent indigenous radio and media projects.