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Noun1.Cocopah - a member of a North American Indian people living around the mouth of the Colorado RiverCocopah - a member of a North American Indian people living around the mouth of the Colorado River
Hoka, Hokan - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages
2.Cocopah - the Yuman language spoken by the Cocopa
Yuman - a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and Mexico
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Additionally, some of the fight scenes of Zorro Rides Again -- whether swordplay or a truth challenge among the Cocopah Indians -- have an almost spellbinding quality.
Purchased from Cocopah Nurseries, the farm is comparable in size to Vantage's nearby existing one acquired in 2012 when Vantage purchased the Desert Whale Jojoba Company.
The initial Baja invasion of 1911 into Mexicali was planned and executed by indigenous organizers, Fernando Palomares and Ramon Caule (both were organizers in the 1906 Cananea strike), and Camilo Jimenez, a Cocopah agricultural worker and IWW and PLM organizer.
Sin embargo, no se puede descartar la aportacion de integrantes de otros pueblos indigenas, tales como los cocopah o cucapa (como se les conoce en Mexico) y los yumano, que habitaban--y aun lo hacen--en la region trasfronteriza.
Not only have plants, animals and marine life disappeared, but native people including the Cocopah and Cucapa--who have lived on the Delta for thousands of years--are now deprived of the landscape and river they used to hunt and fish," said the US-based Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an organization that has participated in planning the project.
The last of Dad's friends, a Cocopah Indian named Bravie, had just died in Vietnam.
The Cocopah, Tohono O'odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui, and Quechan are federally recognized tribes with homeland within the Arizona border region.
They share desert corridors through the Cocopah and Coyote Mountains.
The proposed fence will have a negative effect on four Native American lands: Tohono O'odham in southern Arizona, the Kickapoo in southern Texas, the Kumeyaay in southern California, and the Cocopah in the delta of the lower Colorado river.
85 Gender Male N 15 5 Female N 5 3 Home Language Spanish N 9 6 English N 1 0 Spanish & English N 6 2 Spanish & Cocopah N 0 0 Socioeconomic Status Free Lunch N 13 4 Reduced-Price Lunch N 0 2 Children With Typical Achievement PPVT-III 58.
61) The following four Indian reservations are contiguous with the Mexican border: (1) the Tohono O'odham Nation (AZ); (2) the Cocopah Tribe (AZ); (3) the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe (TX); and (4) the Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation (CA/AZ).