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we observed Keeling Island, a coral formation, planted with magnificent cocos, and which had been visited by Mr.
In this upper region coarse grasses and ferns abound; but there are no tree-ferns: I saw nowhere any member of the palm family, which is the more singular, as 360 miles northward, Cocos Island takes its name from the number of cocoa-nuts.
Given the deeply subordinated nature of the instrument and the inherent risks explained above, CoCos represent a form of mezzanine debt or quasi-equity and are therefore in more mature markets, commonly rated significantly below the issuer's senior, unsecured securities.
03 Yn olaf, ychwanegwch y cocos a'r bara lawr a chodi'r gwres tan y bydd y cyfan yn ffrwtian.
1 grados Richter, fue provocado por el doblamiento "casi vertical" de la llamada Placa de Cocos, que pasa debajo de la Placa de Norteamerica, sobre la cual se asienta la Republica Mexicana.
Taken to an extreme, this would mean that our research with people who occupy formal offices, such as the Shire CEO on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and how they interact and engage with others, was an impossible project; clearly a view we do not share.
Albul, Jaffee, and Tchistyi (2010) elaborated a financial model that allows the capital structure of banks with CoCos and subordinated debt to be analyzed, applying different types of restrictions.
In addition to the loss absorption features noted above, CoCos are subordinate to depositors and other unsecured creditors of the issuer and the Qatar Central Bank has the discretion to cancel coupon payments.
The coupon on the Cocos will likely range between 7 and 9.
company managing the top-level domain names registered in Cocos Islands will reportedly investigate the issue.
Cocos are designed to make banks better able to cope with emergencies outside bankruptcy and to preserve going-concern value whether or not banks are too big to fail.
The IAF's C- 130J and Navy's P8I both carried out nearly 10- hour sorties on Sunday at two locations in the Indian Ocean, off Cocos Island.