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The use of two or more languages or markedly different varieties of a language in a single social interaction: "He chatted with taxi drivers and strangers about the drenching humidity or about which restaurants were good, casually code-switching to Taiwanese for jokes, Mandarin for information, and English for translation and one-word exclamations" (Ken Chen).

code′-switch′ v.
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The intensity and expressivity of some of the idiomatic expressions typical for the native language of the child can hardly be translated into another language, therefore the child may choose to code switch into the mother tongue.
She breaks down the linguistic "tells" of Orthodox Jews, explains how religious Jews often code switch depending on their audience, and describes her experience as a non-Orthodox Jew immersing herself in Orthodox homes and communities for research.
Socializing function was seen in the classroom where teachers code switch to break a silence or to create a friendly environment in the class.
Meraji is a member of NPR's Code Switch team, which covers race, ethnicity, and culture; if Code Switch has a secret formula, it's hiring talented journalists whose approach to very complicated questions is often, "Why is this like that?
Amid those episodes, NPR started Code Switch, with a team of journalists covering race and culture, both online and on the air.
AirAsia Bhd said in preparation for the relocation, AirAsia Thailand will carry out an airport code switch from SVB to DMK in the system.
He's able to run off what looks a fair mark of 133 in this 2m31/2f handicap chase as he was placed in Grade 2 company over hurdles as a novice last season, and being a strong galloper with a bit of scope he could improve for this code switch.
A child who learns to code switch, or to consciously use a particular linguistic variety, learns to effectively use language to his or her benefit.
Figure 3 shows that 26% (n=34) out of n=129 participants from the South schools reported that those students who code switch are academically successful as opposed to 84% (n=106) out of the n=126 participants from the North schools.