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Noun1.codetalker - a secret agent who was one of the Navajos who devised and used a code based on their native language; the code was unbroken by the Japanese during World War II
intelligence agent, intelligence officer, operative, secret agent - a person secretly employed in espionage for a government
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In a White House ceremony held by President Trump to honor them last November, 90-year-old code talker Peter MacDonald said that their act of patriotism crossed all boundaries of language and culture.
In addition, the SDARNG held four celebrations in 2015 in honor of Lakota code talker veterans at locations around the state, which culminated at Crazy Horse Memorial on Veterans Day with over 700 people in attendance.
Lazarowich's own uncle, Charles "Checker" Tomkins, was a Cree code talker and will be featured in the film.
Code talker Chester Nez's Navajo (Dine) tongue helped pave the way to an allied win in the Second World War.
Under the eagle; Samuel Holiday, Navajo code talker.
Pinto was trained as a Code Talker, drilling with backpack radio transmitters to communicate, but the war ended before he was deployed overseas.
Code Talker Thomas Begay describes how, as a boy, he was awakened pre-dawn to herd sheep--he was living the traditional Navajo life and "Life was good"--until the day when government officials took him from his family and placed him in a notorious culture-killing boarding school.
95), covering the lives and achievements of the American Bomber Crewmen of the USAF and the physical and psychological requirements for their duty, and Ed Gilbert's NATIVE AMERICAN CODE TALKER IN WORLD WAR II (9781846032691, $18.
The life of Charles Chibitty, a Comanche Code Talker who died in 2005, exemplifies the importance of remembering one's native language (Holley, 2005).
Samuel Sandoval, a World War II Marine Corps Navajo Code Talker, threw out the first pitch, and Department Commander James Andrade and Department Adjutant Herman Martinez were introduced to the crowd during pre-game ceremonies.
According to code talker Forrest Kassanavoid, this was the first coded message sent in Comanche during World War II.
has been chosen to cast two Navajo code talker statues honoring World War II Native American veterans.