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 (kō′dē), William Frederick Known as Buf·fa·lo Bill (bŭf′ə-lō′ bĭl′) 1846-1917.
American frontier scout and showman who after 1883 toured the United States and Europe with his Wild West Show.


(Biography) William Frederick. the real name of Buffalo Bill


(ˈkoʊ di)

William Frederick ( “Buffalo Bill” ), 1846–1917, U.S. Army scout and showman.
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Noun1.Cody - United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)Cody - United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)
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m Co 31 ted ye The killer's father Stephen Henry Cody, 53, and Colin David Lyness, 31, both of Colwyn Bay, had admitted assisting an offender and were yesterday jailed for 27 months and 22 months respectively.
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Monday night, Cody sank all eight of his shots and had a career-high 20 points and seven rebounds to help the Hornets hand the Celtics their seventh loss in their last eight games, 104-95, at the Garden.
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