Coffea robusta

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Noun1.Coffea robusta - native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere; resistant to coffee rust
coffee tree, coffee - any of several small trees and shrubs native to the tropical Old World yielding coffee beans
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The arabica bean is in considerably higher demand than Coffea robusta.
Le materiel vegetal utilise est compose de: grains de Coffea robusta, gousses de Xylopia aethiopica et de feuilles sechees de Combretum micranthum qui ont tous ete obtenus au niveau desdits marches.
Genetically, the research indicates that Arabica was the offspring of two other coffee species: Coffea Robusta and Coffea Eugenioides.
Coffea arabica seed oil and Coffea robusta seed extract (which contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine) defend against photoaging and support the skin's structure to restore moisture and hydration for the appearance of brighter and firmer youthful-looking facial skin.