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also coffee maker  (kô′fē-mā′kər, kŏf′ē-)
An apparatus used to brew coffee.
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Small kitchen electrics is a many-faceted category encompassing blenders, toasters and toaster-ovens, countertop grills, juicers and coffeemakers, among others.
28) highlighted using a smart thermostat and smart plugs to avoid excess electricity used by coffeemakers.
New Capresso Cleaning Solution helps maintain the quality of Capresso espresso machines, coffeemakers and electric water kettles to ensure the full flavor and freshness of coffee and tea time and again.
Introductions from Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid and Saeco demonstrated that coffeemakers are still hot with consumers.
If you sell coffee and coffeemakers, you owe it to your customers to offer the best ways of making their favorite brew; and the best way may just also be the oldest way -- cold-brewing.
Top-tier gourmet kitchens will include Miele appliances, Subzero refrigerators, wine refrigerators, Miele coffeemakers, and GE washers and vented gas dryers.
Coffee line will include coffeemakers, filters, accessories and, finally, coffee itself.
Although the paper filters of drip coffeemakers largely eliminate those oils (SN: 2/4/95, p.
The standard sets sanitation requirements for materials used in commercial icemakers and coffeemakers, food containers, and other kitchenware.
html) cuts and pastes together instant collages based on images from the dozens of Webcams that show everything from naked homebodies to the Hollywood sign to coffeemakers.
amp; TRIESTE, Italy -- Cuisinart, a dominant leader in coffeemakers and other culinary appliance categories, and illycaffe, a worldwide leader in premium specialty coffee, announced today a global partnership to develop a new line of espresso machines designed and manufactured by Cuisinart.
It has been a force in coffeemakers, blenders, toasters and the home environment categories.