developmental disability

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developmental disability

A physical, cognitive, or emotional impairment, often caused by a neurodevelopmental disorder such as cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder, that appears early in life and limits a person's ability to learn, communicate, or perform one or more activities of daily life.

developmen′tal disabil′ity

a disability, as cerebral palsy or mental retardation, that begins at birth or at an early age and hinders or delays normal development.
developmen′tally disa′bled, adj.

de·vel·op·men·tal dis·a·bil·ity

n. inhabilidades de desarrollo o pérdida de una función adquirida debido a causas congénitas o post natales, tales como la adquisición del lenguaje o la habilidad motora o social.
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The children often have no cognitive disabilities themselves, but without the appropriate stimulation they fail to develop, marketing assistant Catherine Williams said.
The difficulty of balancing the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery in children prompts consideration of whether there ought to be additional limitations on parental decision-making involving cosmetic surgery in children with cognitive disabilities.
When you receive a diagnosis of a disorder that is associated with cognitive disabilities, the crushing blow is knowing that forever and ever your child is going to be different.
Wehmeyer (1993) identified perceptual and psychological factors in career decision-making of adolescents with and without cognitive disabilities.
These days the former occupational therapist deals with spasticity, cognitive disabilities, and her most disabling condition--fatigue.
This is true of campers with learning disabilities and AD/HD as well as those with cognitive disabilities.
By designing a ballot with both a picture of the candidate and the political party symbol, the election community could reach out and welcome the millions of voters with learning and cognitive disabilities as well as the illiterate and language minorities.
The suit, brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charged that the plaintiff, although suffering from cognitive disabilities, was able to perform the functions of his position if assisted by a full-time job coach paid for by a disabilities advocacy group.
Good dementia care promotes a relative sense of well-being in a comfortable, safe and secure environment, in spite of cognitive disabilities.
The feeding of residents with multiple pathologies and functional and cognitive disabilities is a complex, challenging, and time-consuming endeavor.
In ages 80 to 85, between 25 percent and 30 percent experience cognitive disabilities.
In March, two submitted application concepts were selected as challenge finalists by the Sensations Advisory Board - Accessible Walking Directions for the blind and My Parents' Email Client for users with cognitive disabilities or little computer experience.

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