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 (kōl′chĕs′tər, -chĭ-stər)
A borough of southeast England near the North Sea. It was an important pre-Roman city and the site of the first Roman colony in Britain.


(Placename) a town in E England, in NE Essex; university (1964). Pop: 104 390 (2001). Latin name: Camulodunum


(ˈkoʊlˌtʃɛs tər, -tʃə stər)

a city in NE Essex, in E England. 149,100.
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Ade was a child prodigy, born blind in Colchester, England, in 1994.
The Cherry Tree PrimarySchool in Colchester, England, has directed teachers to look through students' lunches and make sure they don't contain scotch eggs or Penerami sausages.
The weather in Colchester, England, does not easily match our month-to-month weather changes.
He's been in the acting company of the Mercury Theatre Company in Colchester, England, and spent 10 seasons wearing various hats (including that of resident music director) at Thakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass.
Jenny and Phil Honeyball, of Colchester, England, spent A[pounds sterling]8,000 in 2008 to buy a three-bedroom country house in the village of Razdel, inland near the Turkish border.
She married Merlin Ritter in 1945 in Colchester, England.