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 (kŏl′chĭ-sēn′, kŏl′kĭ-)
A poisonous alkaloid, C22H25NO6, that is obtained from the autumn crocus and inhibits microtubule formation. It is used in medicine to treat gout and in plant breeding to produce polyploid plants.


(ˈkɒltʃɪˌsiːn; -sɪn; ˈkɒlkɪ-)
(Biochemistry) a pale-yellow crystalline alkaloid extracted from seeds or corms of the autumn crocus. It is used in the treatment of gout and to create polyploid plants by inhibiting chromosome separation during meiosis. Formula: C22H25NO6
[C19: from colchicum + -ine2]


(ˈkɒl tʃəˌsin, -sɪn, ˈkɒl kə-)

a pale yellow, crystalline alkaloid, C22H25NO6, the active principle of colchicum.
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Noun1.colchicine - an analgesic drug derived from the saffron plant and used to treat gout
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain


n colchicina
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The FDA's approval of Colcrys came with exclusive marketing rights for gout for 3 years and for familial Mediterranean fever for 7 years.
Colcrys is part of Takeda s gout treatment portfolio, and was launched commercially in the U.
Currently, acute gout can be treated using NSAIDs, corticosteroids and Colcrys, while doctors can prescribe uricosurics sulphinpyrazone, benzbromarone or xanthine oxidase inhibitors to treat chronic gout.
As a result of this partnership, Colchicine Tablets, USP will be the only colchicine product on the market that is therapeutically equivalent and automatically substitutable for prescriptions written for Colcrys Tablets, indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of acute gout flares in adults, and the treatment of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) in adults and children age four or older.
Pillinger disclosed ties with Savient and Takeda, which markets colchicine as Colcrys.
com/research/cc5711/gout_therapeutics) has announced the addition of the "Gout Therapeutics Market to 2017- Entry of Novel Therapies such as Krystexxa, Uloric, Adenuric and Colcrys to Drive Market" report to their offering.
But in October 2009, the Food and Drug Administration awarded a patent to URL Pharma (now owned by drug giant Takeda) for a branded formulation of colchicine, Colcrys, to treat gout on the basis of safety studies that URL funded.
In light of the FDA's removal of unapproved colchicine from the market, [these outlying companies] must follow the lead of other Part-D insurers around the country and reclassify COLCRYS as a tier-1 or 2 drug to ensure seniors have access to their vital gout medications" Martin wrote to the CEOs of the companies.
Colcrys is part of Takeda's gout treatment portfolio, and was launched commercially in the U.
Once the older products are off the market, the only oral colchicine product that will be available is Colcrys, marketed by Mutual Pharmaceuticals/URL Pharma, which was approved in 2009, after the company met the current drug approval requirements.