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A horse of any of various breeds having a heavy build and a calm temperament, such as a draft horse.
Relating to or having the characteristics of a coldblood.

[Translation of German Kaltblut : kalt, cold + Blut, blood.]


(Animals) any heavy draught-horse
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The sighting roused speculation for fans of the franchise, especially since it was previously announced that Badge Dale would play Coldblood in "Iron Man 3.
This is a war of data, we are trying to keep the internet open and free for everyone, just the way the internet has been and always was," said a spokesman for Anonymous, a man with a British accent calling himself Coldblood.
He told the Dail: "Those that have information that might help track down these despicable murderers and who choose to stay silent should consider carefully how they would feel if it was their husband, father, son, or brother who was murdered in coldblood.