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Noun1.Coleonyx - banded geckosColeonyx - banded geckos        
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
banded gecko - any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and Florida Gulf Coast
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Although lizards are typically diurnal, the Texas banded gecko, Coleonyx brevis is nocturnal and occurs throughout BBNP at elevations above 1000 m (Punzo 1974).
1979) showed that the ability of the gecko, Coleonyx variegatus to learn a spatial reversal task was similar to that shown by birds.
Hyla regilla, Gambelia copei, Phrynosoma coronatum, Sceloporus zosteromus, Sceloporus occidentalis, Uta stansburiana, Coleonyx variegatus, Cnemidophorus tigris, Elgaria [cedrosensis.