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 (kŏl′ət), John 1467?-1519.
English scholar and theologian who founded Saint Paul's School in London (1509) to promote classical as well as scriptural learning.


(Biography) John. ?1467–1519, English humanist and theologian; founder of St Paul's School, London (1509)


(ˈkɒl ɪt)

John, 1467?–1519, English educator and cleric.
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They were William Grocyn, "the most upright and best of all Britons,"* Thomas Linacre, and John Colet.
One member of this group was the fine-spirited John Colet, later Dean of St.
Organized by the categories of pre-Reformation/late medieval, English Reformation, ceremonies, ecclesiology, Catholic Reformation and Counter-Reformation, primers, Psalms, prayers, pastoral theology, and Protestantism and the social world, they consist of writings by John Alcock, John Colet, Simon Fish, Elizabeth Tudor, John Calvin, John Field, Robert Brown, Samuel Harsnett, Robert Parsons, Richard Hooker, John Northbrooke, William Claxton, and others.
First of all, these concern "A sermon on the immense mercy of God," De immensa Dei misericordia concio (1524), (28) intended for pupils at the school run by John Colet (1468-1519) in London, that particularly struck a chord in Italy.
The Mail on Sunday said the Prime Minister and his wife Samantha had discussed registering Elwen, nine, at Colet Court Preparatory School.
But he is reported to be looking at the exclusive Colet Court preparatory school as an option for his son, though the Mirror understands no final decision has been made.
BACK at The Voice, Ricky Wilson had this advice for Colet, a young medical engineer who studies how to put machines in people: "You should build a pop group out of robots.
For the cake, I collaborated with Gel Colet of "Swell Sweets" (@swellsweets) and she came up with a magnificent humpback whale cake with matching cupcakes and cookies.
Erasmus's short debate on the "distress, alarm, and sorrow of Jesus," testifies to a dispute between him and John Colet at Oxford in October of 1499 over whether or not Christ experiences a truly human fear of death.
Colet Lahoz, RN, MS, LAc, founder of the East West Acupuncture Clinic, located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, is a pioneer in the practice of holistic medicine in the US.
The dossier named members of the Paedophile Information Exchange group connected to St Paul's School and its prep, Colet Court, in Barnes, South West London.
Reports emerged last week that Alan Doggett was dismissed as music master at Colet Court - the junior division of elite St Paul's School in Barnes, London - after allegations that he had abused a pupil in 1968.