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 (kŏl′ət), John 1467?-1519.
English scholar and theologian who founded Saint Paul's School in London (1509) to promote classical as well as scriptural learning.


(Biography) John. ?1467–1519, English humanist and theologian; founder of St Paul's School, London (1509)


(ˈkɒl ɪt)

John, 1467?–1519, English educator and cleric.
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They were William Grocyn, "the most upright and best of all Britons,"* Thomas Linacre, and John Colet.
One member of this group was the fine-spirited John Colet, later Dean of St.
The grammar of William Lyly and John Colet, for example, utilized native English only as a translation tool enabling students to acquire the wisdom of the ancients.
Twee jaar later het HAUM-Literer Leroux se eerste drie romans uit die vyftigerjare Die eerste lewe van Colet, Hilaria en Die mugu uitgegee as Die eerste siklus.
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We are honored to be a recipient of a Test & Measurement World 'Best in Test' award," says Philip Colet, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Coreco Imaging.
In response to our customers' requests, we have developed the Sapera Essential software toolkit," said Philip Colet, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, DALSA Coreco.
At that time he had Flaubert's Letters to Louise Colet always to hand, and from them, too, he drank poisonous draughts.
Tenders are invited for Colet Body To Suit Tig Welding Torch Of Model Ate / Gc - 20 - 4, Make : Ate , Abicor Binzel Or Similar.
In places, Erasmus's vignettes of More and Colet strain credibility.