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One that collaborates with an enemy occupation force.

col·lab′o·ra′tion·ism n.


an act of cooperating with an invader of one’s country. — collaborationist, n.
See also: Treason
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Noun1.collaborationism - act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
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COLLABO 4THE T RATOR COLLABORATOA RS love food, and particularly love food when it's social and sharing is involved.
Airpower advocate Alexander de Seversky understood this concept well when he collabo rated with Walt Disney in making the film Victory through Air Power in 1943.
Interim director John McCarthy gave a fast-talking recitation of the many different organizations they collaborated with in the past year--Goodwill, the city, Community Youth Development, and my personal favorite, a collabo with RCAD, asking art students to produce live artistic interpretations.
13) A collabo is a collaborative song project done by more than one artist or musical group.
Reese's Perfect Combo Award (Best Collabo, Duo or Group)
e nef a Meanwhile, Si added his weight to a One Direction/Justin Bieber collabo, saying: "If it was the right record then it would be a great idea.
He has stuff and collabo with a number of stars so that w boost his balanc lot en d also written collaborated big will also bank balance.
I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa dupa soon
Calling it "a unique community-wide collabo ration" involving a local utility, universities, nonprofits, a chamber of commerce and local government, EDF National Energy Program Director Jim Marston says participants set out to "reinvent the current energy delivery system.
During the course, the students are not passive recipients of a prescribed curriculum but rather active knowledge makers who engage "in research and discursive tasks common to professionals in the field" (115), practice real disciplinary problem solving, and consult and collabo with professional members of the biological engineering community.
Super Ape's signature dub effects are a bit more subdued than Blackboard Jungle, Perry's 1973 collabo with fellow dub titan King Tubby, but delivered in just the right measure.
Check out: Mo' Better Blues (Universal, $10), Lee's first collabo with Denzel Washington and one of his most underrated efforts.