Collateral circulation

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(Med. & Physiol.) circulation established through indirect or subordinate branches when the supply through the main vessel is obstructed.

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Coronary angiographic data were also collected, including infarct coronary artery, collateral circulation, drug-eluted stent (DES) implantation, intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) implantation, temporary pace maker implantation, and tracheal intubation.
Without timely treatment, these complications are life-threatening and only about 10% of patients can have sufficient collateral circulation from the RCA and survive beyond infancy.
Lie (4) developed a classification system with six types of collateral circulation patterns, which can be seen with carotid absence (Figure 4):
The protective effect of coronary collateral circulation was well established.
Thus, the coronary collateral circulation (CCC) can protect and preserve the myocardium from episodes of ischemia, enhance residual myocardial contractility, and reduce angina symptoms and cardiovascular events (11-15).
The collateral circulation in the chronic occlusion of the splenic artery.
Other properties including calcification, thrombus burden, collateral circulation, location of the most severe stenosis and based on these findings the Syntax Score was calculated.
Considering the importance of collateral circulation in extracranial carotid disease, a compelling correlation between ischemic cerebral lesions or neurological symptoms and incompleteness of CoW would be expected.
Impacts of established cardiovascular risk factors on the development of collateral circulation in chronic total occlusion of coronary arteries.
She was admitted to the hospital and an abdominal angiography performed through the right humeral artery revealed a complete thrombosis of the proximal left branch of the ABFB (Figure 1(a)), along with an important collateral circulation (Figure 1(b)).
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