Collateral issue

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(Law) An issue taken upon a matter aside from the merits of the case.
An issue raised by a criminal convict who pleads any matter allowed by law in bar of execution, as pardon, diversity of person, etc.
A point raised, on cross-examination, aside from the issue fixed by the pleadings, as to which the answer of the witness, when given, cannot subsequently be contradicted by the party asking the question.

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It was this deficiency, I considered, while running over in thought the perfect keeping of the character of the premises with the accredited character of the people, and while speculating upon the possible influence which the one, in the long lapse of centuries, might have exercised upon the other--it was this deficiency, perhaps, of collateral issue, and the consequent undeviating transmission, from sire to son, of the patrimony with the name, which had, at length, so identified the two as to merge the original title of the estate in the quaint and equivocal appellation of the "House of Usher"--an appellation which seemed to include, in the minds of the peasantry who used it, both the family and the family mansion.
Klaas Knot of the Dutch central bank also chimed in, saying the collateral issue made him feel "very uncomfortable.
Successful banks have been able to develop and promote the use of financial products and services, such as leasing, to address the lack of collateral issue faced by most women entrepreneurs.
One collateral issue was whether or not by having filed her motion for summary judgment, Dr.
Bullen said the FASB discussed the collateral issue at length.
But whatever the NAIC decides to do or not to do, when one listens to reinsurance business leaders talk about the collateral issue, one thing is apparent: The debate will continue until a universal set of global regulatory standards is in place.
The collateral issue has been before the NAIC for years.
12) Current Joint Committee case procedures raise the collateral issue of the validity of a Form 870 or Form 870-AD for the carryback year if subsequently a Form 872 is required for the same year.
The Court also expressly reserved decision on the collateral issue of sanctions against Frazier and, preliminary to further briefing on IASIS Healthcare's pending motion for sanctions, directed Frazier to return to IASIS Healthcare within 20 days all documents withheld by him.
The directive may put pressure on the collateral issue, but "several preliminary steps need to occur before the trade question is legitimate.
And his lawsuits stemming from collateral issues to the same-sex marriage ruling will depend on finding cases where someone's rights were violated.