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 (sĭng′gyə-lā′tĭv, -lə-tĭv)
Of or relating to a linguistic form or construction that expresses a singular entity, often as opposed to a collective, such as rice-grain as opposed to rice.
A singulative form or construction.

[French singulatif, from Latin singillātim, singulātim, one at a time, singly, from singulus, single; see single.]
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Members were working under duress and fatigued but I don't think they realised the collective number of hours we had been short-changed.
Over the past 60 years, it is estimated that the collective number of walkers has reached more than 2 million.
They immediately grasped from the very start that our collective number one priority is to build a skill that delivered both value and ease of use to Alexa customers.
include the collective number n16-20110204gj along with the full names of allindividuals planning to attend, in your email.
TwentyTwo Strings" refers to the collective number of resonant chords of a string quartet that includes guitar.
Yet, while their defence is robust and their kicking solid, there is a perception that the attack has not produced the collective number of points the individual talent suggests they should return.
The collective number of body remains in the number cemeteries remains unknown, but reports show that the number is almost 200 bodies since the establishment of Israel in 1947.
The collective number of AKs on untreated skin was 43, compared with just 8 AKs on PDT-treated skin.
The agreement increases the collective number of J-Series gas turbine supply by MHPS to Korea to 13 units.
Liverpool''s very own Holly Johnson also paid a visit while in Liverpool for the unveiling of the Justice Collective number one single plaque at the Wall of Fame in Mathew Street Holly was later spotted enjoyed a meal with some family and friends at Delifonseca on Stanley Street.
is] there has been legislation that has been proposed, but there hasn't been a collective number of members that have gotten together to actually openly discuss it," said the aide who works for co-chair Inhofe.
At the same time American experts, scholars, officials and think tanks have deep reservations regarding the capacity and ability of the Afghan National Army (ANA) whose collective number has crossed 100,000 to fight the insurgency and control law and order in the country.

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