Collimating lens

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Each new design incorporates the company's patent-pending laser fusion technology, in which the fiber is directly attached to the back of the collimating lens, resulting in reduced packaging complexity and cost.
Tenders are invited for Collimating Lens (50Mm) Along With Sma Connector
Now, a team researchers led by Randy Polson, PhD, from the University of Utah has developed a device that uses an iPhone's LED flash, digital camera with collimating lens to optimize illumination and focusing, and a specially-designed app to collect an image of a completed TSH assays and, and convert the image into a quantitative TSH values.
A special collimating lens captures and then focuses the light from the LEDs to the fiber optic panel.
It was built in a mahogany housing for stability and had an adjustable width entrance slit, a 20-cm focal length quartz collimating lens, a Comu quartz prism, a 20-cm quartz camera lens and a plate holder for a 3.
Its collimating lens provides a comfortable viewing distance even at very close range.
LightPath Technologies introduces Molded Aspheric Collimating Lens for MWIR laser diodes.
LightPath Technologies has started to incorporate BD-2 into its Infrared aspheric lens catalog with the introduction of the 390037 LWIR collimating lens.