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n.1.A small hill or mount.
And watered park, full of fine collines and ponds.
- Evelyn.
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Contract notice: provision of cleaning, sanitation and hygiene services for the premises of the thtre national de la colline
50, a bottle of Le Dolci Colline PS25, a magnum of Astoria Galie Magnum PS60 and La Dolci Colline Rose spumante PS25.
La Section canadienne de l'APC participe dans cette optique a de nombreuses activites sur la Colline du Parlement cette annee, soulignant ainsi la relation de longue date que le Canada entretient avec l'APC et la contribution de cette derniere au paysage changeant du Canada.
More than three years after doctors told Cory Cook he'd never walk again, he's taking regular strolls outside his Keene home with his wife, Colline, and their 13-year-old dog Jackie.
Designed by experienced business practitioners for end-to-end, cross-product (OTC derivatives, repo and sec lending) collateral management and clearing, Colline provides a consolidated solution for mitigating exposure risk while satisfying the growing demand for multiple/global entities, cross-product margining, clearing, inventory management and optimisation, master netting, MIS reporting, dispute management and electronic messaging.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2012-Lombard Risk Management signs four COLLINE contracts(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The show will unfold from the newly expanded Palais de Tokyo to neighboring institutions along La Colline des Musees, with an approach to cultural transnationalism inspired by twentieth-century ethnographers Marcel Mauss, Michel Leiris, and Marcel Griaule.
Later in her life, as a freelance stage and costume desinger, Tsvetkova worked in Germany's largest theatres, as well as the Theatre National de la Colline in Paris and the Burgtheater in Vienna.
Perhaps this was because Gauthier thought Colline did not want to part with his coat, or perhaps it was just poorly staged.
The National Technological and Archaeological Park of Colline Metallifere Grossetane, in the Tuscany region of Italy, is an ambitious venture which will evenually include complete museum-style programs and exhibits for much of the area of the former mine.
Other international guests include Moscow's LIQUID Theatre, Paris's La Colline and Zurich's Plasma Theatre.
Additionally, SEI has entered into a partnership with Lombard Risk, one of the world's leading providers of collateral management, to integrate its Colline system into SEI's hedge fund platform.