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The linear relationship from Figure 9 was transferred into the graph in Figure 10 by plotting a line from the pole of collineation to the centroid of points limited by the equation [q.
The pole of collineation is the pole of all lines for [T.
A wide variety of geometrical topics are suitable for this kind of presentation: true size of plane figures, generating slide --and screw-surfaces and even more abstract terms like affinity and collineation can be explained that way.
Then this f is also a collineation, because due to (1), [abc] [?
A one-to-one map f : S [right arrow] S of a betweenness plane onto itself is said to be a collineation if (abc) [?
They include details on the affects of the collineation group and group theoretic conditions.
These axioms say that for two flags there exists one and only collineation in this group, which transports one flag into the other.