Collis Potter Huntington

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Noun1.Collis Potter Huntington - United States railroad executive who built the western section of the first United States transcontinental railroad (1821-1900)
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His father may have been her married lover John Worsham, a Virginia gambling-parlour owner, or another married boyfriend, the railroad tycoon Collis P.
McCormick, Charles Goodnight, John Wesley Iliff, Charles Boettcher, Henry Miller, Frederick Weyerhaeuser, Henry Wells, William Fargo, John Evans, Benjamin Holladay, Collis P.
Further awards consist of $209,000 to the Fayette-Mercer-Raleigh County Winter Coalition, $88,000 to the Martinsburg/Berkeley County Convention & Visitors Bureau, $71,000 to the American Mountain Theater in Elkins, $36,000 to the Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau, $33,000 to the Collis P.