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A brigadier general.

[French, from brigade, brigade; see brigade.]


1. (Military) an officer of the British Army or Royal Marines who holds a rank junior to a major general but senior to a colonel, usually commanding a brigade
2. (Military) an equivalent rank in other armed forces
3. (Military) army US short for brigadier general
4. (Historical Terms) history a noncommissioned rank in the armies of Napoleon I
[C17: from French, from brigade]


(ˌbrɪg əˈdɪər)

1. a British military officer of the rank between colonel and major general.
[1670–80; < French]
brig`a•dier′ship, n.
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Noun1.brigadier - a general officer ranking below a major generalbrigadier - a general officer ranking below a major general
general officer - officers in the Army or Air Force or Marines above the rank of colonel
brigádní generál
brigádny generál
tugay komutanı


A. Ngeneral mf de brigada
B. CPD brigadier general Ngeneral mf de brigada


[ˌbrɪgəˈdɪər] nbrigadier m généralbrigadier general brigadier-general ngénéral m de brigade


n (Brit) → Brigadegeneral m

brigadier (general)

n (Brit Hist, US) → Brigadegeneral m


[ˌbrɪgəˈdɪəʳ] ngenerale m di brigata


(briˈgeid) noun
1. a body of troops.
2. a uniformed group of people organized for a particular purpose. Call the fire brigade!
brigadier (brigəˈdiə) noun
in the army, the commander of a brigade.
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Gen Nitin Kohli, Signal Officer-in-Chief and Colonel Commandant Corps of Signal in his speech said the Indian Army is moving towards net centricity and is implementing a large number of communications and information technology projects.
Ikram Ul Haq as new Colonel Commandant NLI Regiment.
COAS also pinned badges to formally install Lieutenant General Ikram Ul Haq as new Colonel Commandant NLI Regiment.
Sir Ralph had a long career with the Northumberland Hussars, a part time regiment of the Territorial Army that became the Queen's Own Yeomanry, from 1949 to the 1990s, ending up as a Colonel Commandant.
He is the also the Colonel Commandant of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment.
Colonel Hillier spent 37 years in the Royal Australian Survey Corps (RASvy), including a period as chief instructor at the Army School of Military Survey at Bonegilla and rose to be Colonel Commandant of the Corps.
Currently Chief of Logistics Staff, General Headquarters, and Colonel Commandant of the Azad Kashmir Regiment.
Depending on operational duties, it is also hoped the Deputy Colonel Commandant of the Royal Military Police, Lt Gen N P Carter CBE DSO will attend.
Prof Rosemary Kennedy, former Colonel Commandant of the Queen Alexandra''s Royal Army Nursing Corps, will head the group which reports next year.
Professor Rosemary Kennedy, former Chief Nursing Officer for Wales and Colonel Commandant of Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, will chair the group as it prepares its report for Welsh ministers.
Addressing the crowd on behalf of the regiment, Deputy Colonel Commandant, Brigadier Justin Maciejewski DSO MBE, stressed the regiment's historical and current links with Stockton, saying: "We are yours and you are ours.
The service at Bristol Cathedral was attended by some of the families of the deceased as well as The Duke of Kent, Royal Colonel of 1st Battalion The Rifles, and Lieutenant General Sir Nick Parker, Colonel Commandant of The Rifles.