n.1.A colonist.
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The police are investigating the cause of death, said Coloner Al Kizi.
Because the colonel is Southern and demonstrably attached to the trappings of the antebellum era, it is perhaps Chesnutt's hope that the coloners observations--and later, his challenging of retroactive justifications for slavery based on the current economic condition of poor emancipated blacks--carry more weight given his regional and social origins.
The coloners eyes were heavy with grief that night, and yet he lay awake late, and with his sorrow were mingled many consoling thoughts.
5) To the shocked coloners surprise, Johnson swore him to secrecy then told him that he wanted Brereton transferred away from Fort Sill.
Whitinsville also has a capable bench that includes Pete Koopman, Jon Vriesema, Tyler VandenAkker, Mike Bloem, Reed Bowden, Aaron Coloners and Carl Santos.