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Colour Coding for Learners with Autism explains how colour coding can help youngsters with autism understand lessons, and shows how to assign colors to personal care activities, timetables and more to help kids use their own experiences to understand everything from emotions to diet.
Colour Coding for Learners With Autism: A Resource for Creating Meaning Through Colour at Home and School (CD-ROM included)
Two decades back public transport buses and minibuses used to follow the official bus colour coding, as bureaucracy at that time was not lenient in this regard; however, latter the public transporters of Karachi got whole monopoly over road-based public transport sector after the closure of KTC and they began to dictate their own terms and conditions including not obeying the official bus colour coding.
Colour coding has been shown to be the most effective method of reducing the risk of transferring micro-organisms or allergens between production areas through cleaning tools.
Most hospitals already have a colour coding scheme for cleaning materials and equip- ment but there is presently no consistency across the NHS.