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Vallily made a bright start in front of the Sky Sports cameras, winning the opener for colour commentator Paul Smith behind a snappy jab and getting in a right hand which caught the Latvian's attention.
I'm a fan of these cigars and look forward to share them with the viewers,” said Hyacinth, colour commentator on the show.
UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan's admiration for the reigning UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is no secret.
I will tell you how: before it went on cable TV and before the rights were bought at such high prices (and the money had to be recovered through commercials), there were two commentators on TV: the ball-by-ball commentator and the colour commentator.
The excellent Martin Brundle is moving from colour commentator to the lead role and is far enough removed from his own racing career to be considered a broadcaster rather than there being two ex-drivers in the box when he is joined by David Coulthard.
DavePhillipsmadeadecent enough colour commentator, although the ex-cap did grate when he kept banging on about Toshack needing to make a change when his subs were already all used up.
I'll be working alongside Peter Deeley for LBC Radio as a colour commentator during that massive parade at Horse Guards Parade.
Leather also received compliments for his display from BoxNation's colour commentator, former WBO super featherweight champion Barry Jones.
Then, his mother companies UFC and Fox cut ties with him both as a player and a colour commentator.
Colour commentator Joe Rogan is thrust to the spotlight again after controversial remarks that he would not mind seeing a man and a woman get at it in the Octagon.
The 21-year-old's trainer Graham O'Malley said Sky Sports colour commentator Jim Watt was among several ringside observers who thought Riley deserved a draw however.