Colt revolver

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1.(Firearms) A revolver made according to a system using a patented revolving cylinder, holding six cartridges, patented by Samuel Colt, an American inventor, in 1835. With various modifications, it was for many years been the standard for the United States army.
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Finally I could endure the suspense no longer, and, arming myself with my two Colt revolvers and a carbine, I strapped two belts of cartridges about me and catching my saddle horse, started down the trail taken by Powell in the morning.
July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A photograph signed by Abraham Lincoln and Bat Masterson's 1882 Colt revolver are among hundreds of rare collectibles that will hit the auction block during two diverse auctions at J.
And early 20th century weapons like the US Colt revolver, World War One German Luger and Browning 9mm handgun have been used in shootings.
The fancy Colt revolver he offered for sale, one among about 500 guns at his booth, might be worth $4,500 in two or three years, he said, but "you put money in the bank, and you're lucky if you get a percent'' of interest.
And there has been an increase in the use of early 20th century weapons like the US Colt revolver, World War One German Luger and Browning 9mm handgun.
The stolen items included a 1913 deactivated officer's Webley handgun from the First World War, a reproduction long-barrel black revolver, a reproduction bronze 18th Century revolving rifle and a silver Colt revolver.
In the late l980s, Bijan, according to his bio-data designed a golden colt revolver.
Did the Colt revolver really settle the West, or did whiskey actually subdue the frontier?
McKeown was arrested and charged after a Colt revolver and two rounds of ammunition were discovered inside a plastic bag in Waringstown in July.
Back in the wild-and-woolly days of the American West - encompassing much of the second half of the nineteenth century - the Colt revolver was said to be the "great equalizer.
Fearing for his life and fuelled by alcohol and cannabis, Starkey fled to a derelict property where a Colt Revolver was hidden.
22 calibre Colt revolver lying next to them on the bed, panicked and tried to cover up his wife's suicide in a bid to save her reputation.