n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of birds, including the pigeons.
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8 lambda and magnitude 5 mu Columbae stars are situated just north of alpha Columbae, the stepping stones to one such numbered ESO cluster.
8 lambda Columbae, but which has not yet been confirmed by the Deep-sky Hunters Catalogue.
Looking first at his life and cult, then as his writing, they consider such topics as Adomnan and the art of teaching spiritual sons Adomnan in medieval Gaelic literary tradition, the archaeology of writing in the time of Adomnan, the structure and purpose of his Vita Columbae, and visions of divine light in the writings of Adomnan and his younger contemporary Bede.
Radfar et al (2011) reported 4 species of ectoparasites included Pseudolynchia canariensis, Columbicola columbae, Menopen galline and Laminosioptes cysticola from east of Iran.
Louse fly, Ceratophylus columbae and Haemoproteus columbae were significantly also higher in adults pigeon than in nestling (p<0.
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, and sequencing of partial 18S ribosomal RNA from muscle tissue cysts and brain schizonts from 3 birds were consistent with a clade containing S calchasi and S columbae, but could not distinguish these closely related Sarcocystis species.
67) Nero: colla Cytheriacae splendent agitata columbae, cited in Sen.
Quod antequam possit, gemit in terra, si iam inest et volandi desiderium; et dicit, 'quis dabit mihi pennas sicut columbae, et volabo, et requiescam?
felis, Ceratophyllus gallinae, Ceratophyllus columbae, and Archaeopsylla erinacei, may infest humans.
Tunc ergo peccator columbae vel turturi comparatur, cure peccatorem se recognoscendo, pro nequitiis suis lamentatur .
Bird nests harbor ectoparasites such as pigeon fleas (Ceratophyllus columbae Gervais (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae)), chicken mites (Dermanyssus gallinae De Geer (Acarina: Dermanyssidae)), ticks (Argas reflexus Fabricius (Acari: Argasidae)), and biting lice.