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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of univalve shells, abundant in tropical seas. Some species, as Columbella mercatoria, were formerly used as shell money.
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Columbella rustica; Grifoni Cremonesi & Radi, Chapter 15) and had virtually identical lithic industries to Mesolithic peoples (e.
Within the brush huts and near the hearths we found a rich assemblage of flint artefacts (Nadel 2001), ground stone tools, worked bone tools (Rabinovich & Nadel 1994-95), as well as dentalium and columbella beads from the Mediterranean Sea (Bar-Yosef Mayer 2002).
Levantine Palaeolithic cases are dominated by Dentalium (Bar-Yosef 1991; Mienis 1977; Reese 1989) and those in southernmost Turkey by Dentalium or Nassarius gibbosula and Columbella rustica (Kuhn et al.
While mollusc species used for food are absent, a few perforated shell beads (Nassarius gibbosula and Columbella rustica) were recovered from initial Upper Palaeolithic layers G-I.