Colville River

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Col·ville River

 (kōl′vĭl′, kŏl′-)
A river rising in the Brooks Range of northwest Alaska and flowing about 600 km (375 mi) east and north across the tundra to the Arctic Ocean.
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ConocoPhillips's CD5 drill site is part of the Colville River Unit, a unit operated by ConocoPhillips and co-leased by Anadarko Petroleum.
Per the restructured agreement, Armstrong has acquired a 15% working interest (to add to its 30%) in the initial development area near the Colville River Delta where the majority of exploratory and appraisal drilling activities have been carried out.
Thick fog on the first day forced us to into a quick decision to float the Colville River, abandoning previous plans.
Fish & Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency confirms that construction of a pipeline and bridge over the Colville River to an area of development is acceptable, as long as certain environmental mitigations and other changes are accounted for in the permit application.
The corporation has significant land holdings in and around the Greater Colville River Delta and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
NEW: One section of pipeline to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline dips beneath the Colville River.
pulchra) were obtained from the Koyukuk River drainage in the vicinity of Wiseman (67[degrees] 25' N, 150[degrees] 06' W, elevation 358 m), Denali National Park (60[degrees] 40' N, 149[degrees] 20' W, elevation 600 m), and the Colville River near Umiat (69[degrees] 22' N, 150[degrees] 8' W, elevation 86 m).
The use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the Colville River crossing was a first in permafrost.
When a duck-hunting season is defined, and bag limits are set, what specific impact does that have on an Inupiaq village along the Colville River in northern Alaska?
In the last four years, paleontologists have discovered dinosaur bones along the Colville River in northern Alaska, in a remote area called the North Slope.
Both are located in the Greater Mooses Tooth Unit, approximately 20 miles southwest of the Colville River Unit development on the North Slope of Alaska.
for its Colville River Pipeline Crossing of the North Slope.