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Noun1.Comatula - former usage synonymous with AntedonComatula - former usage synonymous with Antedon
Antedon, genus Antedon - a genus of echinoderms of the family Antedonidae
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Only three species were relatively abundant with over ten specimens: Mopiopia comatula Simon, 1902 (22 specimens), Scopocira histrio Simon 1900 (19 specimens) and Saitis cyanipes Simon, 1901 (ten specimens).
1821): A natural history of the Crinoidea or lily-shaped animals, with observations on the genera Asteria, Euryale, Comatula, and Marsupites.
A Natural History of the Crinoidea of Lily Shaped Animals, with Observations on the Genera Asteria, Euryale, Comatula, and Marsupites.